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About perfect posture

Perfect posture does not exist!

We all have been told that perfect posture is sitting or standing straight with shoulders back, chin up and perfect spinal alignment. But how long can you stay in that “perfect posture”? Your “postural” muscles get tired holding you in that “perfect” posture same as your biceps would get tired if you were holding a dumbbell for hours.

Did you know that your posture changes during the day? Many factors influence your posture including your anatomy, your culture, your mood and how you feel in that particular moment.

There are 3 things to consider when talking about posture:
– There is no perfect posture
– You don’t have to stand or sit like a soldier
– Everyone is different!

People have rounded shoulders, different pelvic tilt, more lordosis or kyphosis and have no pain… Other people have “perfect” posture and suffer from aches and pains.
Before you blame your posture for causing your headaches or your neck and back pain, think about what else is going on? Are you sitting in the same position for too long? Are you being less active? Are you training too hard? Not sleeping well? Do you have more stress at the moment?
All of these factors influence pain and also your posture. (If you want to learn more about pain, read this blog).

Keep it simple:
? If you sit for too long, take breaks and stand up every 30-45min.
? Change positions if one causes discomfort or pain.
? Exercise if you are not moving enough. Choose an activity you enjoy doing: gym, pilates, walking, surfing.

Do you have any questions or doubts regarding your posture, ergonomics or pain?? Please, do not hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT FORM or call the clinic and ask to talk to your osteopath.

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