Are Osteopaths Doctors?

This is a question that it is asked really often. Can osteopaths use the title Doctors?

The following information has been extracted from the Seventeenth Meeting of the Osteopathy Board of Australia on 24 March 2011:

Under the National Law, an appropriately qualified practitioner can use the title ‘Dr’. However, the practitioner must make clear to the public what is their area of expertise and qualification. The National Law also prevents a practitioner from ‘holding themselves out’ as having qualifications or expertise they do not have.

‘Dr’ is a courtesy title and its appropriate use is explained in the guidelines adopted by all National Boards on the Advertising of Regulated Health Services published at under Codes and Guidelines.

These guidelines require practitioners (who are not registered medical practitioners) who choose to adopt the title ‘Dr’ in their advertising, whether or not they hold a Doctorate degree or PhD, to make it clear that they do not hold registration as a medical practitioner. In advertising they should include a reference to their health profession whenever the title is used (eg: Dr Inaki Ruiz Molina (Osteopath)).
This applies in the same way to chiropractors and dentists.

At Kingscliff Osteopathy, we have chosen not to use the title Doctor of Osteopathy. It is our personal believe that the tittle Doctor should be reserved for medical doctors or professionals holding a Phd.

Do you have any questions or doubts? Please, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or call the clinic and ask to talk to your osteopath.

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