There is no perfect squat

But there is a squat for you!!! The squat is one of the fundamental human movements. We squat every time we sit up and down from a chair, the toilet, the car, the ground, pick up something from the floor… Not everyone trains it, and some train the squat and suffer from back pain or […]

About perfect posture

Perfect posture does not exist! We all have been told that perfect posture is sitting or standing straight with shoulders back, chin up and perfect spinal alignment. But how long can you stay in that “perfect posture”? Your “postural” muscles get tired holding you in that “perfect” posture same as your biceps would get tired […]

What is Pain? Part 3

How can Osteopathy help you? As discussed in Part 1 , pain is the result of complex brain processes, which are influenced by overlapping physical (nociceptive and neuropathic), psychological, and environmental factors. Your osteopath can help you identify and address these factors: In a nutshell, only you can know what your pain experience is like. […]

What is chronic pain? Part 2

In part 1, we covered the definition and classification of pain. In this blog – part 2 – we will discuss what chronic pain is and how acute pain becomes chronic. Chronic or persistent pain is any pain that last longer than would be expected after an injury or illness.  Pain is initially produced when […]

What is Pain? Part 1

Do you know what pain is? Why things hurt sometimes? Pain is a lot more complex than most people think. In this 3 Part blog we will explain what pain is and how osteopathy can help you. The International Association for the Study of Pain describes pain as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated […]

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