There is no perfect squat

But there is a squat for you!!! The squat is one of the fundamental human movements. We squat every time we sit up and down from a chair, the toilet, the car, the ground, pick up something from the floor… Not everyone trains it, and some train the squat and suffer from back pain or […]

About perfect posture

Perfect posture does not exist! We all have been told that perfect posture is sitting or standing straight with shoulders back, chin up and perfect spinal alignment. But how long can you stay in that “perfect posture”? Your “postural” muscles get tired holding you in that “perfect” posture same as your biceps would get tired […]

Advance Practice recognition

Osteopathy Australia has recognised our osteopath Inaki Ruiz Molina “Nach” as 1st Queensland registered osteopath (4th Australian osteopath) with the title Advance Exercise Rehabilitative Osteopath (tertiary) – kind of a big deal! In Australia, Advanced Practitioners are assessed by skilled health professionals within a focus area. Panels include allied health professionals and medical specialists. On […]

Are Osteopaths Doctors?

This is a question that it is asked really often. Can osteopaths use the title Doctors? The following information has been extracted from the Seventeenth Meeting of the Osteopathy Board of Australia on 24 March 2011: Under the National Law, an appropriately qualified practitioner can use the title ‘Dr’. However, the practitioner must make clear to […]

Pregnancy & Osteopathy

Pregnancy brings many transformations to the women’s body including musculoskeletal changes that may alter normal biomechanics. Most of the time your body adapts to accommodate these changes, but sometimes you can develop aches and pains that may make you uncomfortable and stop you from doing your favourite activities. Osteopathy can help you deal with these […]

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